Bring together your interests in the preservation and management of cultural heritage digital assets and the forward-thinking museums needed to share them with the curious.

Degree Type:
Combined Credential
Entry Terms:
Fall, Spring, and Summer
Mode of Study:
14 courses
Time to Complete:
Varies based on course availability and schedule

To complete these two programs individually would require a total of 16 graduate-level courses. However, if you choose to earn them together you will only need to complete 14 courses. In addition, if you are a US student, you can qualify for federal financial aid while earning both credentials.

Details and Courses

From the MA in Museum Studies’ Degree Details page, please complete all 5 Core Courses and select 4 relevant Elective Courses. Be sure that “Collection Management” is among the degree’s Customizable Core Courses you select.

The remaining five courses are all identified as Required Core Courses on the Graduate Certificate in Digital Curation’s Certificate Requirements and Courses page.

Admission and Application Requirements

Within AAP’s online application you will indicate an interest in a combined credential and then follow the Admissions and Application Requirements for the MA in Museum Studies degree.

The only updated requirement relates to the Statement of Purpose. Please ensure your 750-word statement addresses how your academic and professional experiences have led to your decision to pursue a career in the museum field with a focus on digital curation, and how this combined credential will help you succeed in your future goals. If you have worked for a museum in any capacity and have any experience working with digital assets, please incorporate this into your statement. Your statement will be reviewed for content, organization, and writing style.

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