Propel your organization to success and give your workforce the cutting-edge skills and knowledge they need to further their professional goals by tapping into our expertise as America’s first research university—and a pioneer in online professional education—through custom programs and partnerships.

For more than 30 years, the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences’ Advanced Academic Programs division has delivered master’s degree programs designed to meet the needs of working professionals. AAP’s areas of expertise cover a broad range of subject matter, from applied economics to biotechnology to organizational leadership, and more. Our custom programs and curated master’s degree offerings bring that expertise to your workforce, allowing them to learn from Johns Hopkins faculty in a format and mode of delivery that works best for your organization.

Your investment in skill and knowledge building will help to drive innovation, optimize performance, and encourage retention—enabling your organization to stand out as a competitor and an employer.

Custom Programs

Build specialized skills and knowledge in your workforce with custom educational offerings that we design, develop, and deploy to address your organization’s needs and further your employees’ professional development.

Your custom program will be taught by Johns Hopkins faculty and will offer your organization’s professionals insight and hands-on experience that they can apply immediately in their work. It can be delivered online, at your location, or at either Johns Hopkins’ flagship campus in Baltimore or the Hopkins Bloomberg Center in Washington, D.C.

Custom programs can include live or self-paced courses designed for groups of all sizes and can stand alone or be integrated into your organization’s learning and development offerings. Talk with us about creating a custom credential for your organization or profession.

Specialized Expertise

Some examples of knowledge and skill development that may be of particular interest to organizations considering custom programs:

  • Working with big data and applying machine learning in a range of scientific, public policy, and organizational settings
  • Advanced biotechnology production and quality skills, CLIA-compliant lab practices, clinical trial management, and bioprocessing with machine learning
  • Regulatory affairs and product safety for rapidly changing markets
  • Economic analysis and forecasting
  • Science storytelling and science communication
  • Film and media production and regulation in the era of generative AI

Master’s Degree Program Partnerships

Allow your workforce to pursue a graduate education aligned with their goals—and yours—with a partnership that gives them access to one of our innovative online and in-person master’s degree programs. We offer curated course lists and discounts for organizations with multiple students enrolling in our existing master’s degree programs.

Your Custom Program and Partnership Contact

Advanced Academic Programs Director of Strategic Planning Samuel Robfogel works with businesses, governments, and nonprofit organizations to design and develop professional education programs that harness the expertise of the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences faculty. He brings a decade of experience establishing agreements for new Johns Hopkins programs around the globe.

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