Your Student Services Team

AAP’s Student Services professionals provide academic advising, guidance on policies and program requirements, and other support to ensure an optimal educational experience.

International Student Resources

We welcome students from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and from around the world. Here you'll find information about visa and insurance requirements, as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

Housing Resources

While AAP does not provide housing arrangements for students, we have created a resource to assist you in securing housing in the areas adjacent to our campuses.

Student Disability Services

Johns Hopkins University is committed to ensuring accessible and inclusive educational experiences for students with disabilities. Review the accommodation request process.

Student Health Insurance

We highly recommend that all AAP students maintain adequate health insurance coverage to provide protection against unexpected accidents and illnesses. AAP students currently in a full-time status (registered for 3 courses or more) are eligible to purchase the university-sponsored student health insurance plan at their own expense.


AAP students have access to counseling services through Johns Hopkins Mental Health Services—a resource that can help you identify and manage challenging issues in healthy ways. Getting help is free, convenient, and confidential.


Your single destination for student well-being resources, news, and events available across Johns Hopkins University.

AAP Student Services

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