To request accommodations, students with disabilities must go through a formal process with the university rather than requesting accommodations for a disability directly through the faculty member.

The Student Disability Services office uses Aim to manage accommodation requests and other services that accompany the requests. Aim is a platform designed to manage all accessibility-related requests in a simple and efficient way. Please visit Aim to submit your accommodation request form and supporting documentation. Every semester, you will need to submit a renewal request through Aim to ensure you have accommodations for the upcoming semester.

The Sr. Student Services Coordinator will review the request and will recommend accommodations if warranted. Once an accommodation request is approved, an official accommodation letter for the current semester will be sent directly to the student. It is the student’s responsibility to provide their instructors with their accommodation letters. We recommend the student discuss the accommodations at the beginning of the course with their faculty member.

Disability Accommodations

Learn how to request disability accommodations and view medical documentation requirements.

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