As an AAP student, working with Student Disability Services to request accommodations and services helps to ensure your right to an accessible education and allows you to maintain confidentiality around the details of your disability.

Your disability services process begins on the Johns Hopkins Student Disability Services website, a centralized location where you can learn about your rights and responsibilities, access helpful resources, complete the SDS online application, review JHU’s documentation guidelines, and submit your documentation.

Process Overview

From the central JHU Student Disability Services website, you can use the Getting Started button to begin the process of submitting a request for accommodations and documentation of your disability. In general, accommodations can be granted for mental or physical conditions that substantially limit a major life activity. Types of disabilities we often receive accommodation requests for include attention deficit disorders, blindness or low vision, chronic health conditions, deafness or hearing impairment, learning disorders, neurodivergence, psychological disabilities, and physical disabilities.

AAP’s Student Disability Services team will review your request and initiate a conversation with you about the barriers you have faced and anticipate facing in your program.

Once accommodations are confirmed, you will receive an eligibility letter and will be granted access to JHU’s Accommodation Information Manager learning portal so that you can send academic accommodation letters to your instructors. You will be responsible for sending your academic accommodation letter to your instructors for each term that you require accommodations.

Should your accommodation needs change over time, you can update your request through AIM and may be asked to provide updated documentation.

Additional Help

You will find helpful information, resources, and guidance, as well as accommodation request and documentation forms, on the central Student Disability Services website. However, if you have questions, your AAP Student Disability Services team is here to assist you. Feel free to reach out to:

AAP Student Disability Services
[email protected]

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