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What Can You Do With a Master's in Bioinformatics?

The specialized knowledge you’ll gain from a master’s degree program can help guide you toward a fulfilling career in bioinformatics, which harnesses the power of technology to decipher complex biological information.

Thought Leadership

Guiding AAP Into a New Home—And a Vibrant Future

From a new home to expanded offerings, exciting developments are ahead. Associate Dean Veronica Donahue details AAP’s goals, challenges, and plans. Read more

Empowering Environmental Leaders in a Changing World

To address issues like climate change, habitat loss, and water scarcity, the next generation of environmental leaders will need an understanding of the science behind the problems and the technologies to help solve them. Program Director Cassandra Hansen shares how the Environmental Sciences and Policy Program helps students forge a path in the field. Read more

Preparing Leaders and Decision-Makers in Government and Industry

Wondering how Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Data Analytics, Policy, and Government prepares students for leadership in the public and private sectors? Center Director Jennifer Bachner shares insights. Read more

Preparing the Next Generation of Biotech Leaders

Computational biophysicist Christopher Skipwith helms a dynamic biotechnology graduate program that equips students to excel in an ever-evolving industry. Read more

Mastering Your Future

How to Choose a Graduate Program That’s Right for You

Wondering where to start when choosing a graduate program from among the many options? Learn how to develop your criteria, create your list, and evaluate program requirements. Read more

Intelligence Analyst Career Paths with a Master's Degree

Intelligence analysts collect and evaluate information to predict behavior and inform decisions. If you enjoy critical thinking and pattern recognition—and hope to make an impact through your work—intelligence analysis may be a fit for you. Read more

Applied Economics vs. Financial Economics

Exploring a graduate degree in economics? You might be weighing the benefits of a master’s in applied economics versus a master’s in financial economics. Read more

Discover the Benefits of a Master’s Degree in Film and Media

A master’s degree program in film and media offers a deeper understanding of the business and creative practices involved in filmmaking and media production. Read more

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