Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) represent a technological breakthrough in organizing, displaying and analyzing spatial information to promote better decision-making by scientists, public officials, private organizations and communities, who face increasingly complex demands upon their available resources. The Master of Science in GIS is designed for students looking to enter this lucrative and exciting field.

Program Information

Course Locations *Online
Available 100% Online *Yes.
Entry Terms Fall, Spring or Summer semester
Degree Requirements 10 courses
Tuition and Fees Tuition in the 2019-2020 academic year is $4,009 per course.
Please note: 2019-2020 tuition rates are tentative pending approval by the Board of Trustees.
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The Johns Hopkins Online Master of Science in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) offers you a foundation in the fascinating fields of programming and application development, geospatial data science, spatial and predictive analytics, visualization, big data technologies, enterprise GIS administration, and project management.

*The online Master of Science in GIS is geared to part-time professionals and focuses on the principal avenues of employment within the next generation geospatial technology field. Our faculty members are thought leaders and innovators in the new data science that is GIS. Our courses, available entirely online, provide a convenient, interactive platform to explore geographic information systems as part of a dynamic field that is constantly evolving.

In the Master of Science in GIS program, you will gain invaluable experience in geospatial technology, utilizing web-based platforms and cloud computing environments, to further your understanding of the digital transformation that is revolutionizing business, government, industries and social organizations.

Are you a GIS professional interested in taking some of our advanced electives? Consider becoming a Special Student in JHU’s GIS Program. Contact for more information on applying as a special student.

Open House

For more information about the MS in Geographic Information Systems program, please click here to watch a recorded Online Open House.

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