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3400 N Charles Street, Wyman Building S-613 Baltimore, MD 21218

Robert Lessick is the Program Director for the MS in Bioinformatics. Dr. Lessick was first exposed to Johns Hopkins University at the age of nine, as a part of Dr. Julian Stanley’s Study for Mathematically Precocious Youth (SMPY). He earned his Bachelor of Science Degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and after graduating from MIT, he spent a year at Harvard University studying the developmental genetics of roundworms. He went on to do a PhD in the Department of Biology at Johns Hopkins University, focusing on protein stability in hyperthemophilic organisms. Dr. Lessick was an editor and database manager for the Microbiology division at Cambridge Scientific Abstracts.

He began teaching at Hopkins in 2001 and became full-time in 2004. He teaches several core courses for the biotechnology and bioinformatics degrees, but primarily focuses on Introduction to Bioinformatics, Biostatistics, and Tools for Genome Analysis. Dr. Lessick also oversees the Biotechnology Thesis for Advanced Academic Programs.

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