MS in Bioinformatics Master of Science Online & Onsite Baltimore, MD

Biology, meet big data. At the intersection of computer science and the life sciences is bioinformatics, an industry that fuels scientific discovery and is essential in all areas of biotechnology, including personalized medicine, drug and vaccine development, and database/software development for biomedical data.

MS in Biotechnology Master of Science Online & Onsite Baltimore, MD

Biotechnology is fueling advancements in healthcare and beyond. Prepare for the business or science side of this fast-growing field with the comprehensive MS in Biotechnology program at Johns Hopkins University.

Master of Biotechnology Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Master's Degree Online

Biotechnology enterprises benefit from leaders who are skilled in the life sciences—and have strong business acumen. Aspiring biotech entrepreneurs need a solid understanding of intellectual property and law.

MS in Food Safety Regulation Master of Science Online

Access to safe, healthy food is one of our most basic needs. Consumers rely on skilled professionals to oversee our food supply from seed to shipment, from farm to table, and from oven to package.

MS in Individualized Genomics and Health Master of Science Online & Onsite Baltimore, MD

Breakthroughs in genetics research are changing how we discover, diagnose, and treat disease. Individualized genomics is an emerging field filled with career opportunities in health care, education, biotech, and industry.

MS in Regulatory Science Master of Science Online

Behind every exciting research and development initiative in the medical and pharmaceutical industry, you’ll find skilled professionals dedicated to compliance, consumer safety, and public health.

Certificate in Biotechnology Enterprise Certificate Online & Onsite Baltimore, MD

Merging science and business is at the center of biotechnology. Become a part of the development and commercialization of science—get the knowledge and experience in running a biotechnology organization.

Post-Master’s Certificate in Sequence Analysis and Genomics Certificate Online & Onsite Baltimore, MD

The field of bioinformatics is continually expanding and challenging our ability to bridge the gap between molecular biology and computer technology. Get practical training in the bioinformatics tools required for large-scale sequence analysis and genomics.

Certificate in Biotechnology Education Certificate Online & Onsite Baltimore, MD

Designed for middle and secondary science teachers as well as curriculum and instructional leaders, this certificate will help you strengthen your content knowledge and pedagogic techniques in bioscience.

MS in Biotechnology and MBA Dual Degree Dual Degree Online & Onsite Baltimore, MD & Washington, DC

Master your knowledge in biochemistry, biostatistics, and bioinformatics while developing critical business skills in accounting, finance, negotiation, regulatory, and legal matters with this dual degree.

MS in Regenerative and Stem Cell Technologies Master of Science Online Baltimore, MD

Innovation and discovery are in your DNA. Now, you can acquire the technical mastery to begin solving healthcare’s most significant challenges with the first regenerative and stem cell technologies master’s degree offered almost entirely online.

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