Innovation and discovery are in your DNA. Now, you can acquire the technical mastery to begin solving healthcare’s most significant challenges with the first regenerative and stem cell technologies master’s degree offered almost entirely online.

Degree Type:
Master of Science
Entry Terms:
Fall, Spring, and Summer
Mode of Study:
10 courses, including one lab residency
Time to Complete:
12 – 36 months

MS in Regenerative and Stem Cell Technologies Program Overview

Regenerative and stem cell technologies have the potential to revolutionize treatments for numerous diseases and health conditions. Develop the expertise needed to advance in this rapidly growing field with the MS in Regenerative and Stem Cell Technologies program. You can pursue this degree almost entirely online and collaborate with JHU’s research faculty during a brief lab residency that provides hands-on experience for the next phase of your career.

Move to the Leading-Edge of an Emerging Field

This online program offers much more than flexibility. Strengthen your technical prowess in core courses focusing on gene therapy, regenerative medicine, stem cell biology, and research ethics. Then tailor the program for your career goals with electives that span an array of specializations:

  • Bioinformatics
  • Epigenetics
  • Human molecular genetics
  • Immunology
  • Personalized medicine
  • Pharmacology
  • Recombinant DNA

You will also explore the latest breakthroughs in this field. Discover advancements involving CRISPR, RNA-seq data, DNA sequencing, and new emerging technologies.

Innovate What’s Next in Your Career

JHU rooted this online program in the groundbreaking concepts and technical practices that leading employers expect you to know. Begin making discoveries that turn lab breakthroughs into life-saving treatments with considerable health and commercial potential.

After attaining this degree, you will qualify for careers in academic and medical research, throughout the biotechnology industry, or with pharmaceutical companies. This program offers foundational life science studies, similar to other regenerative medicine master’s programs, and additionally provides students access to Hopkins faculty who are expert practitioners at the forefront of their fields.

Complete the Program 95% Online

JHU now offers the first regenerative and stem cell technologies master’s degree that you can earn almost entirely online. With a one-week lab residency, you’ll find the flexibility needed to meet your work and life commitments while preparing to advance in this emerging field.

Why to Pursue an MS in Regenerative and Stem Cell Technologies at Hopkins

This program gives you practical expertise and experience for advancing your career right away.

Learn from the Researchers Shaping this Field

Experienced faculty with expertise in molecular and cellular biology enable you to develop technologies that will benefit patients and society.

Customize Your Path to Innovative Positions

Build practical knowledge to develop next-gen technologies and therapies. Then choose the electives that fit your interests. These courses delve into immunology, bioinformatics, personalized medicine, and more.

Gain Valuable Hands-On Experience

Spend a week in the lab with JHU researchers and your classmates to learn cell cultivation methods and the basics of tissue engineering. You can take your hands-on learning further with advanced recombinant DNA and advanced stem cell lab electives.

Welcome to Our Exclusive Science Community

Once you’re a Johns Hopkins student, you will expand your career network to include biotech, medical, and research professionals throughout the world. Connect with leaders and alumni accelerating change in every industry through innovative science.

Take the Next Step

Discover the next breakthrough in regenerative medicine and stem cell technologies. Pursue your master’s degree online with Johns Hopkins University.

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