Breakthroughs in genetics research are changing how we discover, diagnose, and treat disease. Individualized genomics is an emerging field filled with career opportunities in health care, education, biotech, and industry.

Degree Type:
Master of Science
Entry Terms:
Fall, Spring, and Summer
Mode of Study:
10 courses
Time to Complete:
12 – 24 months

MS in Individualized Genomics and Health Program Overview

Everyone’s DNA is unique, and advancements in medicine are paying more attention to individual genetic make-up that makes us us.

Individualized health care and genomics offer incredible potential for preventative health, making possible more accurate diagnosis and tailored treatment plans for each patient. Understanding a patient’s risks could also help prevent disease, lead to earlier detection, or even slow progression.

A Growing Field

Expanding interest in individualized genomics is fueling growth in the healthcare and biotechnology fields. According to the National Institutes of Health report, “The era of personalized medicine has arrived, and with it a need for leaders in this discipline. This generation of trainees requires a cadre of new skill sets to lead the implementation of personalized medicine into mainstream healthcare.”1

The MS in Individualized Genomics and Health program at Johns Hopkins is designed to do just that.

Advance Your Career

Careers in individualized health care and genomics can take you to many places: innovative biotech start-ups, leading research centers, educational institutions, big data firms, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, and healthcare organizations.

Individualize Your Path

This field requires a breadth of talents and specializations, which means you can align your course of study with your interests, past experiences, and future career goals. The master’s degree in individualized genomics and health offers three areas of concentration:

  • Genomics
  • Laboratory Diagnostics
  • Regulatory

Build a Foundation or Expand Your Knowledge

The MS in Individualized Genomics and Health program can serve as a foundation for medical school, nursing school, or advanced studies in the life sciences or public health.

Earning this degree can also benefit your existing career in research, clinical practice, or other related professions.

Study on Your Terms

Designed for both full-time students and working professionals, this master’s degree program offers you the flexibility to take classes online or on-campus in the evenings and on weekends.

Why to Pursue an MS in Individualized Genomics and Health at Hopkins

Research is in Our DNA

Our expert faculty members are active researchers and practitioners; they make discoveries, publish their findings, and improve lives.

A Well-Rounded Sequence of Courses

Discover the role that human DNA plays in disease and treatment. Discuss ethical and legal considerations of personalized medicine. Match electives with your interests, whether they may be in lab work or the regulatory aspect of individualized health.

Access to a Diverse, Successful Alumni Network

Become part of an international community of biotechnology, research, and medical professionals who work in labs, universities, and companies around the world.

Take the Next Step

Prepare yourself for a new career on the cutting edge of scientific discovery. A degree focused on genomics and health from JHU opens you up to opportunities in an emerging field with plenty of room for growth.

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1 “Training the Future Leaders in Personalized Medicine”  Accessed online on December 2, 2021.

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