The Journal is published semi-annually in the fall and spring by the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Johns Hopkins University to strengthen community connections and share experiences.

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Submission Guidelines

All members and faculty are welcome to submit essays, anecdotes, poetry, and memoirs, subject to editorial review. The Journal strives to publish a diverse array of voices. Send work by email to Linda Middlestadt, at [email protected] or mail a hard copy to Osher at JHU, 9325 Presbyterian Circle, Columbia, MD 21045.

  • about 250-1000 words, or up to 50 lines of poetry
  • emphasizing one significant experience or idea clearly and succinctly
  • relevant to the Osher community
  • accompanied by a photograph or illustration

Submissions are accepted all year, due by January 15 for the Spring issue and August 15 for the Fall issue, and are evaluated during the last weeks of January and August. Writers will be notified if their articles will be published in the current or a future issue. When an article needs modification, a writer will be given an explanation and will be encouraged to consult with committee members Randy Barker at [email protected].

JHU Leadership

Christopher Celenza
James B. Knapp Dean
Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

Veronica Donahue
Associate Dean
Advanced Academic Programs

Osher at JHU

Susan Howard

Kathy Cooke
Administrative Supervisor

Emily Owens
Program Coordinator

Seairra Pierce
Program Assistant

Jackson Berger
Program Assistant

Shali Jiang
Program Assistant, Part-Time

Committee for The Journal

Randy Barker
Joseph Baron
Jim Blue
Lee Blue
Murrie Burgan
Linda Middlestadt
Chuck Semich
Chuck Sternheim

Advisory Board


Peggy Fisher, Chair
Vice-Chair, open
Lois Holden, Recording Secretary
TA Committee Chair, open
Paul Lang, TA Committee Vice-Chair
Peggy Fisher, Curriculum
Linda Middlestadt, Journal
Maureen Nicholas, Travel
Membership, open
Hospitality, open

Montgomery County 

Eric Mendelsohn, Chair
Laura Siegelbaum, Past Chair
Debbi Vivari, Recording Secretary
Rollin Fraser, at Large
Josh Fried, at Large
Susan Fried, Volunteer
Martin Grolnic, at Large
Carl Hantman, at Large
Cicily Iacangelo, Curriculum
William Lewis, Fundraising & Special Events
Virginia Murphy, Hospitality
Lois Neuman, at Large
Millie Rogers, at Large
Ginny Schultz, Membership
Peter Shaw, Teaching Assistant
Martin Stein, Membership
Mickey Stevens, Travel
Cali Tamarkin, at Large
Al White, Past Special Events
Sandra Wool, at Large

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