Deepen your understanding of the world around you, expand your knowledge, and boost your capacity for creativity. JHU’s nationally recognized Master of Liberal Arts degree lets you explore humanistic questions from interdisciplinary perspectives.

Degree Type:
Master of Liberal Arts
Entry Terms:
Fall, Spring, and Summer
Mode of Study:
Online, Onsite
Baltimore, MD
10 courses
Time to Complete:
18 – 24 months

Program Overview

The JHU Master of Liberal Arts program thrives on your curiosity, passion, and diverse world experience. The first program of its kind in the country, this educational experience allows you to pursue a graduate degree tailored to your interests, whether you’re looking for an advanced credential for career mobility or simply want to enrich your personal and professional life.

Build a Program Around Your Interests

You’ll have access to a diverse and creative selection of interdisciplinary courses each semester, with topic-driven offerings that draw from disciplines like history, film, art, music, literature, sociology, politics, world cultures, bioethics, psychology, ecology, and archaeology. Here is a sampling of the unique, fascinating courses you will see:

  • The Six Degrees of Miles Davis
  • The Mind of Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Black Queer History
  • Gender and Media
  • Fakes, Lies, and Forgeries: A History of “News” from the Flood to the Apocalypse
  • Medieval England: From Beowulf to the Battle of Bosworth
  • Deep Ecology: Environmental Ethic
  • Philosophy of Beauty
  • Existentialism: Philosophy and Social Critique
  • Critical Theory
  • Race and Jazz
  • “When the Lamps Went Out”: WWI as history, memory, and commemoration
  • Social History of Medicine
  • What is History?
  • Ways of Knowing: Historical and Epistemological Foundations of the Liberal Arts

Join a Top-Ranked Program

Founded in 1962, Johns Hopkins University’s online Master of Liberal Arts (MLA) program was ranked #3 in the nation by Online Masters and has received the distinction of being the “Most Established.”

What’s it like to study Liberal Arts at JHU?

Why Study Liberal Arts at JHU

Flexible Course Selection

Given the breadth and flexibility of our program and course offerings, the MLA is able to meet a range of different goals and expectations among our students. Our students represent the full range of working professions and are at all stages of their careers.

Deepen Analytical Skills and Broaden Your Perspectives

Our interdisciplinary courses strengthen your critical thinking and communication skills, improve your ethical reasoning, boost your capacity for creativity and innovation, and raise your social and cultural awareness.

Knowledgeable, Diverse Faculty

The liberal arts faculty has a range of research interests and professional backgrounds, including: jazz musicians, cultural historians, philosophers, art historians, photographers, religious scholars, sociologists, and literary critics.

Capstone Experience

Your program will culminate with a capstone project that is selected from a range of different options. Students choose from a reflective portfolio, a research-driven graduate project, a research-based creative project, and an internship option.

Take the Next Step

Let your intellectual curiosity be your guide as you complete your Master of Liberal Arts online or on campus from Johns Hopkins University.

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