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Current Master of Liberal Arts student, Florence-Olivia Genesse, is making strides on social media to advocate for women’s rights and promote positive feminist messaging.

MLA Student Fosters Social Change on TikTok and Instagram
Florence-Olivia pictured (right) with co-creator and sister, Emma (left).

Genesse, together with her co-creator and sister, Emma, have amassed over 392,000 followers on TikTok and Instagram. Their content includes information and resources on sexual assault, the gender pay gap, women’s equality, and more. To read and learn more, visit the JHU Hub.

Genesse channels her passion for advocacy not just into her social media channels, but into her studies as well. This spring, she will obtain her Master of Liberal Arts degree from Johns Hopkins University with a focus in legal and feminist philosophy. She has taken courses such as “Gender and Media,” “Family in Cross-Cultural Perspective,” and “The Shape of Things: Embodiment and Sexuality in American Culture.”

Dr. Tristan Cabello, Master of Liberal Arts Associate Program Director, states, “Florence’s work exemplifies the MLA experience: applying academic theories into the practical world (such as translating philosophical frameworks into TikTok videos) to build more equitable and inclusive communities.”

Genesse plans to pursue a PhD in law and philosophy on top of continuing to influence social change through social media.

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