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Association of Graduate Liberal Studies Program, National Honor Society, symbol, the owl of Athena in an olive treeIn April, eighteen alumni from the Master of Liberal Arts program at Johns Hopkins were recognized for their contributions and inducted into the Association of Graduate Liberal Studies Programs’ National Honor Society.

The AGLSP National Honor Society is a network designed to recognize and promote the academic excellence, leadership, and involvement of scholars in graduate liberal studies. Inductees from the Class of 2020, Class of 2021, and Class of 2022 that participated in the 2022 KSAS Master’s Ceremony were honored with a gold cord as a part of their regalia.

A special congratulations to the following Johns Hopkins’ inductees:

Class of 2019
Lauren J. Barnhart
Class of 2020
Daniel Charlton Lisa M. Jackson
Sara Grabenhofer Kari Ursu
Class of 2021
Christian Arnold Cheryl Keefe
Michael T. Benson Eric Wiggins
Carrie James King Lee Woodward
Class of 2022
Brian Eckert Shruthi Mathews
Christine Gardiner Derek Rainey
Andrew Kipe Julie Sanchez
Carlos Littles

Dr. Laura DeSisto, Program Director for the Master of Liberal Arts program and head of the AGLSP JHU-MLA Chapter, states, “I am extremely proud of the students and alumni who have been selected to join the AGLSP National Honor Society. Through their ongoing scholarship and professional contributions, they will serve as noteworthy ambassadors for the program and will lead conversations about the relevance and enduring value of a liberal arts education for years to come.”

A total of 37 alumni from 67 institutional chapters were inducted into the AGLSP National Honor Society this year. The process is selective, and membership is by invitation only. Johns Hopkins students and alumni with a 3.75 GPA or higher applied to the AGLSP JHU-MLA Chapter for membership consideration. The AGLSP National Honor Society then approved nominees that demonstrated academic excellence, leadership, and active involvement in graduate liberal studies.

The MLA program is an institutional member of the Association of Graduate Liberal Studies Programs and recently established an institutional chapter of the AGLSP National Honor Society. The AGLSP is committed to providing a forum for the exchange of ideas among graduate liberal studies program directors, faculty, students, alumni, and individuals interested in interdisciplinary graduate education.

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