Museums today need visionary leaders. This program offers the theory and practice of all aspects of the museum field, teaching innovative skills and knowledge to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Degree Type:
Master of Arts
Entry Terms:
Fall, Spring, and Summer
Mode of Study:
10 courses, including one on-site seminar
Time to Complete:
20 – 24 months

Program Overview

Museums are more relevant today than ever before. They are responsible for cultural stewardship and serve as a gathering place for communities; a space for reflection, interaction, participation, and learning (onsite and online); and act as an agent of social change.

Innovations in information and communication technologies are challenging museums to rethink their approach and transform the museum experience to keep up with the intellectual curiosity of today’s learners. The need has never been greater for leaders with the knowledge and skills to face these challenges and create a vision for the museums of the future.

Prepare for 21st-century museum leadership and stewardship with a master’s degree in museum studies at Johns Hopkins. With a focus on technology’s role in the field, the program explores how museums can attract new visitors, increase engagement, and transform experiences for today’s diverse audiences.

A 21st Century Curriculum

New demands and challenges are emerging in every aspect of the museum landscape. Focusing on the needs of the 21st-century museum professional, this program combines theory and practice while emphasizing digital strategies in today’s museum and offering training on new models of education, curatorship, exhibitions, and business strategies to create the visionary leaders of tomorrow’s museums.

Advance Your Career

Our students and alumni advance their careers in all types of institutions from local historic sites and zoos to art, history, science, and special-interest museums. They specialize in a variety of areas, including:

  • Education
  • Collections management
  • Curatorial and exhibition strategies
  • Visitor engagement
  • Business, management, and leadership
  • Digital strategies

Learn on Your Terms

Access your course work — and collections from museums around the world — from wherever you are. Available 90% online, the MA in Museum Studies program is flexible enough to fit your scheduling needs and also highly interactive, providing an enriching learning experience filled with virtual field trips and engaging discussions.

The two-week onsite study seminar, in locations organized by the program, adds a hands-on, real-world component to your Hopkins experience.

Why Choose Hopkins for Your MA in Museum Studies?

Learn From Highly Regarded Museum Experts

Our faculty is made up of experienced practitioners in all areas of the museum field and academia, active members of the museum community who are passionate about training the next generation of museum professionals.

Customizable Curriculum with a Wide Range of Electives

Design your path with relevant core and elective courses in museum studies to fit your personal interests and career goals. Supplement your choices with offerings from the cultural heritage management, digital curation, or nonprofit management programs.

Immersive Educational Experiences

Spend two weeks learning with museum professionals, patrons, and your peers during an intensive onsite study seminar in a location organized by the program that offers an array of enriching destinations.

Complementary Credentials

Bolster your museum studies curriculum by pursuing two credentials at once and you may find exactly the right educational focus to advance your career. In addition, these combinations will help you to earn the credentials in less time than if pursued separately.

A Community of Museum Professionals

Our international student body, diverse faculty members, and accomplished alumni provide you with a built-in network of museum professionals.

Take the Next Step

Gain the skills you need for museum leadership in the 21st century.

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