Post-Bacc Health Science Intensive

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You Own Your Future

You’re not like anyone else. Medical schools don’t want you to be like anyone else. Your future patients don’t want you to be like anyone else. Why are you trying to be like every other premed?
In the Johns Hopkins University Post-Baccalaureate Health Science Intensive Program, we’ve redesigned premedical education to empower students like you to enhance your unique qualities.

Our Philosophy: Strategy through Introspection

From day one, we teach you to think differently about the process of preparing for your application. Medical schools want students who know who they are, their passions, and what drives them to change lives in their communities. So, preparing for medical school is more than academic preparation. It’s finally getting to know yourself better than you ever have.

Program Information

Course Locations Rockville, MD (Montgomery County)
Available 100% Online No
Entry Terms Summer semester
Degree Requirements 10 courses
Length of Program All students are enrolled for 1 year – 3 courses during the summer, 3 courses during the fall and 4 courses during the spring.
Tuition and Fees Tuition and Fees total
for the academic year 2018-2019:
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What We Value

  • Diversity
    At Hopkins, we embrace and celebrate diversity. We want students who recognize their own unique perspective and are looking to contribute that perspective actively to the larger premedical and medical conversations going on nationally.
  • Community
    Our students are more than just classmates for each other. With every class, we work hard to gather students who will contribute to the conversation, support each other and teach us all something new.  You may differ in perspective, but you share a passion for serving others and that unites you.
  • Fearlessness
    The premed path is not for the faint of heart.  Embracing your weaknesses as well as your strengths isn’t easy. We know this takes guts, and we celebrate that.
  • Ingenuity
    Science is about the relentless pursuit of the unknown. Sometimes you have to think differently about the problem to solve it.
  • Introspection
    We are the sum of our experiences, and through reflection those experiences shape us and allow for growth.

In one-year as a full-time student, you will be immersed in an innovative curriculum specifically created to help students like you who want to build a more competitive medical school application.

While concurrently earning a Master of Science in Biotechnology degree from Johns Hopkins University, our curriculum combines the opportunity to bolster your academic record through traditional advanced science academic coursework along with courses specifically designed to arm you with the interpersonal skill set necessary to apply that knowledge in a way that is both sensitive and effective.

Benefits of the Post-Baccalaureate Health Science Intensive Program

•   Attend a premier research university known for its excellence in the sciences

•   Choose from high quality courses on a number of unique and interesting scientific topics that will strengthen and broaden your scientific knowledge

•   Along with science courses, complete three non-science courses that focus on skill building in areas of interest to medical schools: communication, leadership-teamwork, and understanding the social and psychological determinants of health

•   Through individual advising, we can help you identify your weak points and troubleshoot how these can be addressed effectively

•   Receive guidance on selecting and locating volunteer and research opportunities that allow you to meet your own medical and professional goals

•   Through group seminars and one-to-one advising, you will gain a thorough understanding of the medical school application philosophy and strategy, and how to best highlight your strengths

•   You will have assistance throughout the medical school application process. Target school section, application review, personal statement review, secondary essay advice, and mock interviews will help you present your best, most authentic application

•   At the culmination of the program, you can request a committee letter of recommendation to support your application

•   MCAT preparation course


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