Environmental Sciences and Policy/Geographic Information Systems

MS in Environmental Sciences and Policy Online Information Session

April 28, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM


The use of Geographic Information Systems has become standard for many environmental professionals. At the same time, environmental work remains one of the most popular and powerful applications of GIS investigations. To enable students to better exploit the complementary nature of the fields, we have eliminated the overlap between the MS in Environmental Science and Policy and the Graduate Certificate in GIS. This enables students to earn both the MS degree and the Graduate Certificate by the completion of a total of 13 courses rather than the 15 courses that would be required to complete the programs separately.

MS in Environmental Sciences and Policy and Certificate in Geographic Information Systems

Format Online and Onsite (Washington, D.C.)
Entry Terms Fall, Spring, and Summer
Degree Requirements 13 courses
Length of Program Various based on course availability and schedule
Tuition Tuition for the MS in Environmental Sciences and Policy is $4,214* per course; tuition for the Certificate in Geographic Information Systems is $4,129* per course.
*Final rates pending approval of the Board of Trustees.

Interested students, including those already enrolled in either program, should apply to the combined MS in ESP/Graduate Certificate in GIS program. New students may select this option at the time of application. Current students should consult their academic advisor and apply by filing a Change of Program Form with the Registration Office.

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