Center for Advanced Governmental Studies

The Johns Hopkins University Center for Advanced Governmental Studies encompasses a broad set of programs and initiatives designed to enhance understanding of the role, function, and impact of government. Based at the Johns Hopkins Washington, DC Center in Dupont Circle, the Center for Advanced Governmental Studies serves as a forum for policy discussions and provides a venue for unbiased efforts to expand knowledge of the various governmental components, how they interact, and how they comply with their mandated accountability in administering the affairs of state. The Center houses the MA in Government, MA in Global Security Studies, MA in Public Management, MS in Government Analytics and Certificate in Nonprofit Management.

Center for Biotechnology Education

Building from the strengths and successes of the Advanced Biotechnology Studies graduate degrees and certificates, the foundation for the Center for Biotechnology Education was assembled. The Krieger School of Arts and Sciences created the Center for Biotechnology Education to engage diverse audiences in the world of biotechnology and to prepare the leaders of today, tomorrow, and the next generation for the challenges of the 21st century. By expanding the scope of biotechnology education, the Center for Biotechnology Education is building a pipeline of students and professionals prepared to achieve success in K-12 education, graduate school, and the work environment in the fields of biotechnology, bioinformatics, regulatory science, and bioscience business and leadership.  The Center’s mission is to expand the reach of biotechnology education through three channels: graduate education, youth programs, and professional development.