MA in Global Security Studies Master of Arts On Campus & Online Washington, D.C.

Global security in the 21st century is complex: rising powers, non-state actors, hybrid wars, cyber challenges, resource scarcity. With these challenges comes an opportunity to create smart, effective policies that help shape and protect our world.

MA in Government Master of Arts On Campus & Online Washington, D.C.

Bring about meaningful change and advance your career with a master’s in government. The flexible program equips you with practical skills for solving today’s governmental, political, and policymaking challenges.

MS in Data Analytics and Policy Master of Science Online

This cutting-edge program empowers students to tackle meaningful policy challenges using analytics. Students graduate with the expertise to be data-driven decisionmakers and policy leaders in both the public and private sector.

MS in Intelligence Analysis Master of Science Online

It’s no secret: Intelligence analysts provide insights that enable decision-making in a complex and uncertain world. Timely, accurate, and actionable intelligence is a key advantage in a competitive global environment where information is power.

MA in Non-Profit Management Master of Arts Online

Non-profits and nongovernmental organizations advance social progress, support health and human rights, aid in disaster recovery, and provide arts and education, among other critical services. Become the agent of change you aspire to be through mission-based work.

MA in Public Management Master of Arts On Campus & Online Washington, D.C.

Advance your government or public service career with Hopkins’ innovative and flexible MA in Public Management program. Whether an online or on-campus student, what you learn in class will help you to address real-world governance and policy issues.

MA in Government and MBA Dual Degree Dual Degree On Campus & Online Washington, D.C.

Advance your knowledge in government and politics, ethics, global economics, financial theory, and management, and set yourself apart from the competition in a career that overlaps public and private sectors.

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