Published November 3, 2023

A photograph filled with flags from nations around the globe.The 21st-century global security landscape is marked by the ascent of new powers, the influence of non-state entities, hybrid warfare dynamics, increasing resource scarcity, and cyber challenges. Within these complexities lies the potential to craft policies that safeguard and influence our world.

With the MA in Global Security Studies program, you can prepare for a rewarding career in foreign affairs or national security. Read on to learn more about career paths and how a graduate degree program can help you meet your personal and professional goals.

What is Global Security?

Global security refers to the measures and strategies implemented to ensure the safety and stability of regions, nations, and the world. It encompasses a wide range of concerns and challenges that transcend national boundaries, including but not limited to:

  • Military Conflicts and Warfare: Addressing and preventing armed conflicts and promoting peaceful resolutions.
  • Terrorism: Combating international terrorism and fostering cooperation to prevent terrorist activities.
  • Cybersecurity: Protecting digital infrastructure from cyberattacks and promoting responsible state behavior in cyberspace.
  • Nuclear Proliferation: Preventing the spread of nuclear weapons and promoting disarmament treaties.
  • Humanitarian Crises: Responding to humanitarian emergencies and advocating for human rights and accountability.
  • Climate Change and Environmental Security: Addressing climate change impacts and promoting sustainable development.
  • Health Security: Managing global health threats through international collaboration and preparedness.
  • Economic Stability and Development: Fostering international trade, economic development, and financial stability.
  • International Law and Diplomacy: Upholding international law and utilizing diplomacy to resolve disputes and build cooperation.

About Careers in Global Security

Careers in global security are dynamic and pivotal in safeguarding nations and communities worldwide. Professionals in this field are familiar with navigating complex geopolitical landscapes. Government agencies, international organizations, and private sector firms actively participate in shaping global security policies—and need highly qualified global security professionals.

Global Security Studies Jobs

The career outlook for global security professionals is robust, with demand expected to grow in the coming years. Below are examples of jobs and average salaries for roles related to global security studies.

Business Intelligence Analyst
Median Salary: $102,805 mid-level; $176,645 senior-level
Annual Growth: 2%

Analysts evaluate business risks associated with security threats. By scrutinizing market trends and financial data, they contribute valuable insights that inform security strategies and safeguard organizational interests on a global scale.

Operation Research Analyst
Median Salary: $85,701 mid-level; $150,424 senior-level
Annual Growth: 1.39%

Operations research analysts collect and analyze industry data to optimize processes and decision-making. They assess and develop strategies to enhance operational efficiency and effectiveness in security-related functions, aiding in the protection of national interests and safety.

Social Science Research Assistant
Median Salary: $50,614 mid-level; $86,631 senior-level
Annual Growth: 1.1%

Professionals in this role aid social scientists in various research endeavors, encompassing laboratory work and surveys. They assist in data collection, analysis, and preparation of findings for publication and contribute to global security by supporting research on peacekeeping, conflict resolution, and human security issues.

Information Security Analyst
Median Salary: $111,796 mid-level; $174,973 senior-level
Annual Growth: 1.8%

Information security analysts safeguard computer systems and data from cyber threats by devising protective measures, conducting risk assessments, and responding to security incidents. They play a significant role in fortifying digital infrastructure against international cyber threats.

News Analyst, Reporter, or Journalist
Median Salary: $52,266 mid-level; $134,627 senior-level
Annual Growth: 0.12%

News analysts, journalists, and reporters are pivotal in disseminating crucial details about geopolitical events, conflicts, and security measures. They serve as conduits of information, providing the public with timely updates on various topics, including international affairs. By delivering accurate, comprehensive reports, they contribute to the global awareness of security challenges and foster informed public discourse.

Industry, occupation, compensation, and projected growth data are supplied by Lightcast. Visit JHU’s MA in Global Security Studies program page to review career outlook data in more detail.

Earning a Master’s Degree in Global Security Studies

Completing a graduate program in global security studies prepares you for a meaningful and dynamic career in the field. You’ll contribute to the well-being of citizens on a global scale and stand as a safeguard against future threats.

JHU AAP’s MA in Global Security Studies program focuses on today’s most relevant global security issues. You’ll learn theoretical ideas and practical applications in three key areas: military security, economic security, and energy and environmental security.

Contact us to learn more about this exciting field of study.

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