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Once again, the collaboration between Johns Hopkins University and MICA has been recognized in a list of the top 50 film schools in the United States for the second year running by The Wrap News Inc. 

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About the Top 50 Film Schools List by The Wrap News Inc.

TheWrap attributes the accolade to the program’s small, hands-on courses that combine theory and practice and highlights the JHU/MICA Film Center located near the Homewood Campus in Baltimore. This comprehensive facility, which hosts the MA in Film and Media program, includes a screening room, recording studio, a 2,000-square-foot cyclorama green room sound stage, and more.

The award-winning news organization, TheWrap, gathered the list through an anonymous poll of over 1,200 entertainment-industry insiders, educators, deans, filmmakers, and experts. TheWrap was founded by journalist Sharon Waxman in 2009. View the complete list of the top 50 film schools from 2020 and 2021.

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