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The Maryland State Arts Council announced the winners of the 2022 Independent Artist Awards which included multiple alumni and a lecturer from the Johns Hopkins MA in Writing program.

Eight alumni of the MA in Writing program are recipients of a 2022 Independent Artist Regional Award. Advanced Academic Programs is proud to extend congratulatory recognition to Mary Amato, Kim Moses, Andria Nacina Cole, James O’Sullivan, Eman Quotah, Julia Tagliere, M. Jane Taylor, and Susi Wyss.

Karen Houppert, the Program Director for the three AAP writing programs states, “I’m so proud of our alumni and their contributions to the literary community in Baltimore and in the greater Maryland area. It’s a testament to their artistic talent and commitment–a commitment to their craft and to sharing the fruits of their labor with readers across the state.”

Susan Muaddi Darraj, MA in Writing program Lecturer, was selected as one of two state awardees that are chosen from the regional winners. This prestigious award grants additional funding for outstanding artistic achievement. She is also a recipient of two Independent Artist Awards from previous years on the regional level.

“I feel quite humbled that the MSAC chose to recognize my writing. I was honored just to be among the finalists, many of whom I know and whose work and talent I admire. We live in a wonderful state that supports the literary arts in this way,” says Susan.

Awardees were selected through a public panel process from a pool of around 300 applicants. The MSAC awards are accompanied with grants for Maryland artists specializing in the literary arts to encourage their artistic growth and sustained practice. The work of this year’s awardees is featured on MSAC’s social media accounts.

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