Center for Biotechnology Education
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At Johns Hopkins, Tiffany Greenwood-Queen is the Program Coordinator and a lecturer for the MS in Biotechnology program.

Greenwood-Queen earned a Bachelor of Science in biology from Morgan State University and a Master of Science in biotechnology and Master of Business Administration from Johns Hopkins University. For nearly a decade, she developed research projects that focused on the early detection of several strains of human breast and prostate cancer with the optimization of molecular probes using optical imaging in mammalian animal models at the Russell H. Morgan Department of Radiology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

In 2005, Greenwood-Queen began her teaching and training experience with the development and implementation of the confocal microscopy, optical imaging, cryo-sectioning, immunology, and histochemistry protocols while at the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Division of Johns Hopkins University. By 2011, this expanded to faculty assignments at several colleges and universities, including Baltimore City Community College and University of Baltimore. She also directed the Outreach Division of the Hidden Garden Program for Park West Health System, a Federally Qualified Health Center for HIV Treatment and Care in Baltimore City. Her role was to relieve barriers to care by providing HIV education and connecting members of underserved populations to healthcare, counseling, and social services.

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