Advanced Academic Programs, Washington, D.C. 

At Johns Hopkins, Sarah J. Chicone is the Program Director and a senior lecturer for the MA in Cultural Heritage Management and MA in Museum Studies programs.

Chicone has worked professionally and academically in cultural resource management and museums. Her academic and professional interests include cultural heritage, material culture studies, cultural resource management, informal education, exhibition design, and public archaeology. She is the author of a book on creating natural history exhibitions and has more than 20 years of professional museum experience as lead curator, developer, and designer for natural history, science, anthropology, contemporary art, and history exhibitions.

Chicone teaches courses across the museum and heritage programs and serves as an academic adviser for cultural heritage management and museum studies graduate students. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Lake Forest College and a Master of Arts in anthropology (archaeology) and graduate certificate in museum management from the University of South Carolina. She received a PhD in anthropology (archaeology) from Binghamton University, where she worked as part of the Ludlow Collective.

Featured Works

  • Dinosaurs and Dioramas: Creating Natural History Exhibitions, with Richard Kissel, Routledge, 2013

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