Center for Biotechnology Education
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As an investment manager specializing in the biotechnology and health care space, Ron is positioned at the dynamic, exciting epicenter where science and business meet. He was a portfolio manager and financial analyst at Citigroup Capital Markets in New York, NY before moving to his current position as a senior portfolio manager at RBC Capital Markets.

As an instructor, Ron brings real-world, front lines experience and expertise in the business of technology and life sciences to his students. He has an in-depth understanding of innovation and all the important steps of how to start and fund a new venture. From ideation through IPO, including developing a business plan and financing map to prototyping, hitting the sweet spot of Product Market Fit and then scaling big, he understands what it takes to create something new that has value.

He is an alumnus of the MS in Biotechnology program, and served as a guest lecturer prior to becoming a faculty member. His goal is to share his passion for teaching, learning and curiosity about the world, to make a real difference for students.

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