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Philip Harding is the cofounder of IMPACTJUNKIE, an organization that inspires and empowers entrepreneurs and investors around the world. Philip’s life intertwined social entrepreneurship, innovation, ministry, and youth participation from the start. He was previously a senior advisor at the Pentagon and White House and was co-founder of The Great Pitch, which has awarded over $16 million for innovative ideas to improve government digital services.

While serving as the university-wide student body president at Harvard University, he played a key role in the Harvard Innovation Lab and delivered a commencement speech. He completed his undergraduate and graduate studies at Harvard, is currently a mentor at the Harvard Innovation Lab, and teaches innovation and social entrepreneurship at Johns Hopkins University. He has been asked by the U.S. State Department, along with international universities and companies to develop and deliver innovative training programs. Harding currently trains aspiring entrepreneurs while traveling the world to foster startup initiatives.

Visit Philip’s website at philipharding.com.

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