Advanced Academic Programs, Homewood Campus, Baltimore, MD

At Johns Hopkins, Maya Nitis is a lecturer for the Master of Liberal Arts program.

Nitis brings a transdisciplinary approach to critical theories, focusing on the interrelation of feminist, queer, and race-critical perspectives. In Languages of Resistance 1: Performativity and Cultural-Political Translation, Nitis addresses the revolutionary aspect of the intertwinement of language and reality, primarily through the work of Judith Butler, Walter Benjamin, and Audre Lorde.

Nitis has also published on feminist pedagogy and queer knowledge production in Diacritics, Feministische Studien, and MLN. Their current project, Literary Agency and Minoritized Knowledges, queries an agency specific to literary endeavors and examines the conception of unfinished knowledge as undermining dominant goals of mastery.

In 2021, Nitis received a Gender and Racial Justice Scholar Award, and a Dean’s Prize Fellowship for the JHU class Critical Knowledges: Black, Feminist, Queer. Nitis is currently assistant to the dean at Morgan State University and teaches transdisciplinary studies in the PhD program in built environments.

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