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As a recent graduate of the Johns Hopkins Masters in Biotechnology Enterprise & Entrepreneurship with a concentration in Ethical, Legal, and Regulatory affairs of Biotechnology, Madeline offers a unique perspective on the Biotechnology industry. Madeline received her B.S. in Biochemistry, Cellular, Molecular Biology from the University of Scranton in 2020 moving right on to complete her Master’s degree in May 2021. Madeline conducted research on the cellular level with CRISPR in undergrad and has since combined her love for deep science with a newfound love for the valuation side of science.

Currently, Madeline works on the investment side of science as an analyst of life science/biotech companies. Taking the science perspective from clinical trials and key catalysts, while simultaneously looking at the valuation of the science with the market trends, Madeline identifies promising innovative technologies & companies. Madeline continued on with JHU, even after completing her Master’s degree, because of her passion for teaching and helping other students realize the numerous opportunities the biotechnology industry offers. Her goal in life is to never stop learning and to help her students achieve the same thing.

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