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At Johns Hopkins, Bill Gourgey is a lecturer for the Master of Arts in Science Writing program.

A former IT consultant to Fortune 500 companies, Gourgey made a living building software for myriad industries. He began freelancing as a science writer several years ago. Today, he’s a contributing writer for Popular Science and Open Evidence, and he’s written for Muse magazine, WIRED, and OneZero. His articles and essays explore artificial intelligence, airships, jetpacks, quantum teleportation, robot umps, vaccines, and more. He’s also penned several novels. His Glide trilogy follows a brilliant inventor grappling with the long-term ramifications of his creations.

Gourgey has taught rising high school seniors at MIT’s MITES summer program and has served as moderator, speaker, and panelist at venues like the National Association of Science Writers 2021 Conference, Publishers Weekly 2017 BookExpo, and Digital Hollywood (NY 2011). He is also managing editor of Delmarva Review, a literary journal.

Gourgey received bachelor’s degrees in electrical engineering and materials science from Cornell University and has a Master of Arts in science writing from Johns Hopkins University.

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