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Dr. Kumar has a passion and enthusiasm for health sciences education, biotechnology and professional development of students. He has substantial experience working at institutions of higher education, taught many courses, and directed research in clinical and biomedical science. Dr. Kumar served in various positions in colleges of health professions and medical schools. He mentored scientists and post-doctoral students and taught online and hybrid courses and supervised Undergraduate, Master’s, and PhD students at the University of South Florida, Marshall University, the University of Delaware, and Thomas Jefferson University and Hospitals.

Dr. Kumar organized and served as chair and co-chair of international conferences on Translational Nanomedicine. His research is highly interdisciplinary in nature. Dr. Kumar has extensive expertise in Nanotechnology, Forensic Science, clinical chemistry, regenerative medicine, cell therapy, gene editing, stem cell research, nanomedicine, protein isolation, purifications and characterizations, biosensors, drug delivery, microfluidics, biomarkers assay development, biomaterials, tissue engineering, 3D micro-physiological systems, 3D bioprinting and bio grafts.

Dr. Kumar served as a chair of the Asian Alliance of the University of South Florida at the office of diversity and equal opportunity and he is a charter member of the National Academy of Inventor. Dr. Kumar mentored minority students from McNair Fellowship and Sloan Foundations. He has developed PhD program in Medical Science at the University of Delaware. Moreover, he served at numerous leadership and management positions in many biotech companies and served as a consultant to many biotech companies, drug discovery groups and pharma companies to resolve critical research problems.

Dr. Kumar has provided technological leadership in development and commercialization of technologies. He is the founder of two biotech companies and served as Chief Scientist and CEO of the companies involve in biomanufacturing and pharmaceutical discovery. His role at Thomas Jefferson included teaching, research, and administration for the biotechnology program, and his role as chief scientist and CEO in Biotech companies is to provide leadership, direction, planning, fundraising, and product development strategy for the success of the company.

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