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Presently an online lecturer at Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Advanced Government where he lectures on political thought. Dr. Rosenthal holds degrees in philosophy from Princeton University (A.B) and Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (MA, PhD). His research interests include political philosophy, classical humanism, and European intellectual history. He currently teaches a wide variety of topics including Western political thought from antiquity to modernity, nationalism, federalism, religion and politics, and liberal democracy and its ideological opponents.

Among his publications are the books Crown Under Law (2008) which deals with the intellectual origins of modern constitutionalism focusing on John Locke and Richard Hooker. And the Theoretic Life: A Classical Ideal and its Modern Fate (2019) which focuses on the emergence of the liberal arts from Greek philosophy and culture and the waning of classical humanist ideals in modernity under the impetus of new technological and economic foci. In addition, He has published a number of articles including “What Went Wrong in Europe?: A Reflection on Western Modernity” (2013), “Humanism, Tradition, and Modernity: The Foundations of Western Civilizational Identity” (2015), and “Reflections on Ancient and Modern Freedom” (2016. He has taught at a number of colleges and universities including Loyola College (Maryland), and Catholic University of America (CUA), the University of Glasgow (Scotland) and Johns Hopkins University where he formerly served as Assistant Director of the Center for Advanced Governmental Studies. He is the co-founder and director of the Petrarch Institute, which focuses on the classical humanities tradition. He currently lives in Spain.

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