Museum Studies/Digital Curation

MA in Museum Studies Online Information Session

April 14, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM


Students who are interested in pursuing an MA in Museum Studies and are also interested in the preservation and management of cultural heritage digital assets may enroll in this dual program. Museum Studies students may earn the Graduate Certificate in Digital Curation by taking two of the required six courses as electives in the MA program plus the additional four courses required to complete the certificate. This enables students to earn both the MA degree and the Graduate Certificate for a total of 14 courses, 10 in Museum Studies and four in Digital Curation.

MA in Museum Studies and Graduate Certificate in Digital Curation

Format Online
Entry Terms Fall, Spring, and Summer
Degree Requirements 14 courses
Twelve (12) of the 14 classes may be taken online. One class, a two-week intensive seminar for the MA program, is taken onsite in Washington, DC, or in another location organized by the program. One class for the Graduate Certificate, a required internship of 13 weeks, including at least 120 hours in a museum or related cultural heritage institution, is partially online and partially onsite.
Length of Program Various based on course availability and schedule
Tuition $4,421* per course.
*Final rates pending approval of the Board of Trustees.

Students may also enroll directly in the Graduate Certificate in Digital Curation alone. If they later choose to pursue the MA in Museum Studies, they may count two courses from the digital curation certificate program toward the MA. Click here to view the admission and degree requirements for the certificate program.

Those interested, including current students, may apply to the dual MA in Museum Studies/Graduate Certificate in Digital Curation through Advanced Academic Programs. MA in Museum Studies students pursuing the Digital Curation Certificate must meet the following degree requirements.

State-specific Information for Online Programs

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