Published December 13, 2023

Students in the Film and Media program filming an actor.If you’ve ever dreamed of telling stories that matter, becoming a more accomplished filmmaker, video game designer, or immersive storyteller, or building a future in the business of film and media, a master’s degree program in film and media might be right for you.

Such programs can offer expertise and real-world experience, and the industry skills, connections, and know-how that will allow you to pursue your personal and professional goals.

What is a Master of Arts in Film and Media?

A master’s degree program in film and media offers a deeper understanding of the business and creative practices involved in filmmaking and media production. Often, such programs offer the ability to develop specialized skills in one or more aspects of film and media.

Johns Hopkins University’s MA in Film and Media program, for example, allows you to specialize in one of four concentrations tailored to your interests. They are:

Immersive Storytelling and Emerging Technologies

A concentration in ISET prepares you for positions such as VR operator, senior gaming and VR engineer, VR director, experience designer, and AR/VR developer. You’ll delve into the theory, future, and practical applications of emerging technologies and employ them to create engaging narratives.

Sound Design

Through a Sound Design concentration, you will refine your craft and prepare for a career in audio production for film, television, podcasting, and multi-media projects. You will create sound effects, dialogue, and music in a state-of-the-art sound studio designed by Thomas Dolby and Scott Metcalfe.

The Business of Film

With a concentration in The Business of Film, you will gain valuable hands-on instruction and experience in producing, directing, cinematography, editing, and beyond. You’ll be taught by veteran filmmakers, producers, and studio executives in such areas as intellectual property and entertainment law, scheduling, budgeting, sales and distribution, cinematography, directing, social impact documentary filmmaking, and editing.


A concentration in Writing offers the opportunity to gain real-world experience in the structure and process of screenwriting for films and television series. You’ll write screenplays for shorts, features, and television pilots and hone your pitching skills with guidance from experienced writers, directors, and producers in film, television, and new media.

In addition to helping you acquire knowledge and technical mastery, a graduate film and media program will allow you to learn from experienced faculty and develop vital industry connections.

Jobs in Film and Media

Film and Video Editor

Median Salary: $60,574
Annual Growth: 1.16%

Film and video editors play a crucial role in the post-production process, shaping the final product by assembling and refining footage. They work collaboratively with directors and producers to achieve the desired narrative flow, pacing, and tone. Their expertise in cutting, arranging, and enhancing visual and audio elements contributes to the overall storytelling and impact of a film or video.

Media Programming Director

Median Salary: $80,178
Annual Growth: 0.93%

Media programming directors are responsible for curating and scheduling content across platforms. They work closely with production teams and distributors to select films and media that align with audience preferences and organizational goals. Their role is pivotal in shaping the viewing experience and ensuring the success of a media outlet’s programming strategy.

Sound Engineering Technician

Median Salary: $60,670
Annual Growth: 0.34%

Sound engineering technicians assemble and operate equipment to record, synchronize, mix, edit, or reproduce sound for theater, video, film, television, podcasts, sporting events, and other productions.

Special Effects Artists and Animators

Median Salary: $98,950
Annual Growth: 0.96%

Special effects artists and animators create special effects or animations using film, video, computers, or other electronic tools and media for use in products, such as computer games, movies, music videos, and commercials.

Industry, occupation, compensation, and projected growth data are supplied by Lightcast. Johns Hopkins University cannot guarantee employment placement, salary level, or career advancement. Visit JHU’s Master of Arts in Film and Media program page to review career outlook data in more detail.

Earn Your MA in Film and Media at JHU AAP

Through the MA in Film and Media program offered by JHU’s Advanced Academic Programs division, you will learn from expert faculty, collaborate with talented peers, and create a final capstone project that showcases your mastery of the craft.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you earn your degree and launch or elevate your film and media career.

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