Global Security Studies

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The Master of Arts in Global Security Studies challenges students to confront the complexities of the 21st century security environment and gives them the chance to shape how America responds to it.

Quick Stats

Course Locations Washington, DC
Available 100% Online No
Entry Terms Fall, Spring or Summer semester
Degree Requirements 12 courses

The Johns Hopkins MA in Global Security Studies provides a framework for you to analyze military challenges, explore the intricacies of economic interdependence, and recognize the security implications of energy dependence and resource scarcity.

Classes are designed to provide you with individual attention, encourage you to participate, and challenge you to analyze the international security environment. As part of your studies, you’ll produce a thesis portfolio that showcases your ability to examine important political and policy questions. The thesis will help you hone your research skills, improve your analytical abilities, sharpen your communication style, and prep you to become a subject-matter expert.

The program will also give you front-row access to vibrant speaker and symposia series, as well as a full calendar of events that reinforce critical themes in global security and encourage you to network with other professionals in your field—and outside the classroom.


Listen to interviews with some of the leading minds in global security hosted by Global Security Program Director Mark Stout at our Global Security Podcast page.

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