Degree Requirements

Students will take American National Security in the 21st Century in their first semester. This course introduces the topics and themes of the Global Security Studies degree and allows students to begin thinking about topics they may be interested in exploring as a part of their thesis portfolio.

In their third semester students should take Research and Thesis I: Global Security Studies (RT1). RT1 covers the necessary research methodologies for the thesis portfolio. Midway through the program students must take Research and Thesis II: Global Security Studies to continue work on their portfolio. In their final semester, students must enroll in Research and Thesis III: Global Security Studies to complete their portfolio and prepare it for defense.

In general, students should complete all their core classes before their final semester.

Students may take their intelligence courses in whatever semesters seem convenient. However, if possible, they should take an introductory course (470.711 Intelligence from Secrets to Policy or 470.748 The Art and Practice of Intelligence) before their other intelligence courses.

Program Requirements

Core (4 classes)

Intelligence (5 classes)

One class from each of five areas:

  • Introductory Courses
  • Law and Ethics
  • Theory, History, and Context
  • Intelligence Operations
  • Applications of Intelligence

Courses that fulfill those requirements are listed here.

Electives (3 classes)

Any electives that fall under the rubric of Global Security Studies or Intelligence (generally 470 courses) or National Security Studies (406 courses).

Research Study Process (3 classes)

More Information

For more information about courses, please see the Course Descriptions page. Please note that not all courses are available each semester.

For information on exact dates, times, locations, fees, and instructors for any term, students should consult the Advanced Academic Programs Course Schedule available several months before each semester or term begins. Courses are open only to students who meet enrollment requirements. All classes are held at the Hopkins Washington Center at 1717 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W. close to the Dupont Circle (South) exit.