Energy Policy and Climate/Science, Technology, and International Security

Concerns over energy accessibility and challenges associated with climate change are as national security issues. Energy is one of the most commonly alleged causes of war and other international disputes, and the impacts of climate change are increasingly seen as destabilizing forces. Moreover, energy issues are substantial constraints on military operations.

This combined program will provide students solid training in both energy policy and national security, with an opportunity to develop a capstone project that can demonstrate synthesis of knowledge in both fields.

For students in either the MS in Energy Policy and Climate or the Certificate in Science, Technology, and International Security, the ability to pursue both credentials will help facilitate their goals for professional advancement by providing expertise in the policy language of security along with the scientific expertise garnered through this combined program.

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Dr. Bryan Gibson

Dr. Bryan Gibson

Sold Out? Iraq, the CIA, and the Kurds: An Interview with Dr. Bryan Gibson

Our newest faculty member, Dr. Bryan Gibson, has just recorded an interview with the International Spy Museum as part of the Museum’s popular Spycast series. In the interview, Dr. Gibson discusses his book, Sold Out? Iraq, the Kurds, U.S. Foreign Policy and the Cold War (Palgrave Macmillan, 2015) and explains how Iraq should be considered a Cold War battleground every bit as much as Cuba, Vietnam and Afghanistan. Check it out at the International Spy Museum’s website.

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