Advanced Graduate Study in Liberal Arts

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The Certificate Program for Advanced Graduate Study in the Liberal Arts empowers students to stoke their intellectual curiosity, passion, and diversity beyond graduation. It provides the ideal opportunity for the lifelong learner to continue to explore the world from an academic perspective — and in so doing, better understand their potential as dynamic thinkers.

Quick Stats

Course Locations Baltimore, MD
Available 100% Online No.
Entry Terms Fall, Spring or Summer semester
Degree Requirements Ten courses
Tuition and Fees Tuition in the 2018-2019 academic year is $2,638 per course. Please note: 2018-2019 tuition rates are tentative pending approval by the Board of Trustees. More information.

The Johns Hopkins University Certificate Program for Advanced Graduate Study in the Liberal Arts is designed for graduates of the Johns Hopkins University Master of Liberal Arts Program (MLA) or graduates of comparable master’s programs in the liberal arts or humanities.

Each semester, you’ll select from a range of courses, often clustered in particular thematic areas. It provides you the unique opportunity to:

  • Take new courses or special courses from a favorite instructor.
  • Engage in stimulating and dynamic discussions in the MLA seminars.
  • Meet other students who are interested in learning about new things.
  • Study with distinguished Hopkins faculty from departments and programs across the university and field specialists from the Maryland State Archives, the Walters Art Gallery, and others.
  • Explore interdisciplinary topics and approaches.
  • Cluster courses for professional development.

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