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Global Security Podcast: a Conversation with Mark Stout and Dr. Meir Elran.

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With the cleanup from Hurricane Harvey still in its early stages and with Hurricane Irma plowing its way through the Caribbean aimed at the continental United States, now is a good time to think about societal resilience. In this Global Security Podcast, Mark Stout talks with Dr. Meir Elran of the Institute for National Security Studies at Tel Aviv University about his work on resilience. Dr. Elran discusses how resilience can be measured and its role in dealing with everything from natural disasters to terrorism.

About Dr. Meir Elran

Dr. Meir Elran is a senior research fellow and head of the Homeland Security Program and a co-head of the Society–Military Program of INSS. Dr. Elran is a retired Brigadier General in the Israel Defense Forces and former deputy chief of Israeli Military Intelligence.

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