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Johns Hopkins University’s MA in Science Writing program and its partner, the Good Science Project, have awarded four $5,000 reporting grants for feature-length magazine articles on the funding and practice of science in the United States.

2024 Fellows: Good Science Project–Johns Hopkins MA in Science Writing FellowshipIn its inaugural round of awards, the Good Science Project–Johns Hopkins MA in Science Writing Fellowship selected Caty Enders, Clare Fieseler, Jyoti Madhusoodanan, and Flannery James as its 2024 fellows.

“While we received many great article pitches, the members of the selection committee felt the pitches submitted by this year’s awardees identified exceptionally important problems in the funding and practice of science,” says Sam Apple, Program Coordinator and a senior lecturer for the Johns Hopkins MA in Science Writing program. The grants will support articles on topics that range from government funding of ocean research to the limits of genetic testing.

The fellowship program launched in fall 2023 with the aim of improving science journalism—and science itself—by providing the funding and support that will allow journalists to tackle ambitious reporting projects.

Meet the Fellows

The 2024 Good Science Project–MA in Science Writing fellows are:

Caty Enders: Enders is a journalist and research scientist in New Mexico studying the effects of social media on the brain. A former Knight Science Journalism Fellow and editor at The Guardian, she has written and edited enterprising stories focused on science, health, and the environment.

Clare Fieseler: Fieseler is both a journalist and scientist. Her bylines have appeared in Vox, Slate, National Geographic, and The Washington Post, among other outlets. She also reports on climate change and environmental topics for The Post and Courier, South Carolina’s largest newspaper.

Jyoti Madhusoodanan: Madhusoodanan is a science journalist covering health, medicine, and biology. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, NPR, Scientific American, Undark, Science, Nature, and many other publications.

Flannery James: James is a freelance journalist and editor. She is earning her master’s degree in science writing at Johns Hopkins University.

The fellowship is funded by the Good Science Project and administered by JHU’s MA in Science Writing program.

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