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Episode 18-03: an interview with Dr. Stephen Lansing

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With its rice terraces and water temples, the subaks of Bali’s cultural landscape blend the natural, cultural, and spiritual through a cooperative social system of management. The 2012 designation of the Cultural Landscape of Bali Province: the Subak System as a Manifestation of the Tri Hita Karana Philosophy, as a World Heritage site, brought about the potential for additional preservation alongside increased tourism but continued challenges to site management remain.

About Dr. Stephen Lansing

Dr. Stephen Lansing, co-director of the Complexity Institute & a Professor in the Asian School of the Environment at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, talks about these challenges and potentials. Dr. Lansing worked on the successful nomination of Bali as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The nomination efforts developed out of his study of the subaks and water temple networks of Bali, a system key to the World Heritage site’s eventual designation.

Learn more about the UNESCO nomination process, the subsequent impacts on-site management, and the future of Bali’s cultural landscapes.

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