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Véronique Bugnion, PhD is a scientist, entrepreneur and energy industry leader. She has over 10 years of professional experience and leadership in the financial energy industry and has a track record of pushing the boundaries of energy analytics.

Véronique is currently co-founder and CEO of ClearlyEnergy, provider of innovative solutions to reduce building emissions. Prior to ClearlyEnergy, Véronique was Global Head of Carbon and Natural Gas for Thomson Reuters, a role where she developed trading, data and research products for the electricity, natural gas and carbon markets. Prior to working with Thomson Reuters and Point Carbon, Véronique worked with Goldman Sachs and Constellation Commodities Group where she focused on the deregulated power, natural gas and emissions markets.

Véronique has a strong publication record in the areas of climate modeling and climate change policy, she holds a PhD degree in climate physics and an MSc in technology and policy, both from M.I.T. Véronique is an adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins University, where she teaches climate finance.

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