Hopkins Bloomberg Center
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Sarah Miller Beebe is a former National Security Council Director for Russian Affairs and a CIA Analyst. Her career began as a Russian specialist during the early years of the post-Soviet period. She now enjoys developing practical, end-to-end approaches for tackling hard problems. She has served as senior advisor and program manager, led interdisciplinary groups, designed system architectures, and created data-driven analytics to support decision-making schema.

Her secondary focus is on education, training, and pedagogy. Ms. Beebe has developed courses in national security, foreign policy, intelligence history, analysis, critical thinking, systems thinking, and creative problem-solving. In addition to her work at Johns Hopkins University, she was previously Senior Fellow and Affiliate Faculty member at the George Mason University Law School Center for Infrastructure Protection and Homeland Security, and also served as Adjunct Assistant Professor at University of Maryland University College. Her book, Cases in Intelligence Analysis: Structured Analytic Techniques in Action, was published by CQ Press/Sage and is in its second edition.

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