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At Johns Hopkins, Redell R. Hearn is a lecturer for the MA in Museum Studies program.

Hearn also is the chief educator for the New Orleans Museum of Art. Previously, she served as the founding director of the Department of Academic Affairs for the Mississippi Museum of Art and curator of art and civil rights for MMA and Tougaloo College, curating a series of exhibitions using art from both permanent art collections related to the American Civil Rights Movement in Jackson, Mississippi, during the 1950s and 1960s.

Hearn is a Fulbright specialist in museum studies, having served at the request of the U.S. embassy in Dakar, Senegal, where she assisted three local museums with special projects and conducted professional development workshops. She also is the founding director of Louisiana’s first graduate-level museum studies program at Southern University, New Orleans, and has taught for the Master of Arts in museum studies program at Johns Hopkins University since 2010.

Hearn earned a Master of Arts in museum studies, a Master of Philosophy, and a doctorate in humanities from Syracuse University, and her dissertation, “From Practice to Theory: An Exploratory Research Study of the Relevance of Museum Studies Curriculum to Museum Professionals,” proposes museum studies as the recognized academic discipline for training museum professionals.

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