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Recently retired after an array of senior leadership positions in the U.S. Intelligence Community, Miriam Perlberg initially joined the National Security Agency as a mathematician right after college, but left a few years later to accept a commission in the U.S. Navy. During her twenty-three years of Navy service, she gained both expanding organizational leadership responsibility and increased visibility into national-level decision-making processes.

After retiring from the Navy and teaching for several years, Ms. Perlberg returned to the National Security Agency as a civilian employee. She was honored to participate in and to lead operational intelligence activities, to develop and implement strategies, and to support policy- and decision-making processes. Ms. Perlberg served several assignments with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence — as the cyber policy strategist for the U.S. Intelligence Community, as the Director of the Joint Interagency Cyber Task Force, and as the National Intelligence Officer for Cyber. She also served twice with the National Security Council Staff, first as the Senior Director for Cyber Policy and later as the Senior Director for Information Security Issues. Her government service concluded with several National Security Agency assignments focused on human capital and senior executive leadership development. Since retiring, she continues both her service and her leadership journey as a member of the production team of a small, community-focused bakery.

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