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Kerry M. Kartchner retired in 2018 from a career in the U.S. Department of State and the Defense Department, where he was primarily responsible for nuclear weapons policy and nonproliferation issues. He is the co-editor and contributor to several books on U.S. arms control, strategic culture, and nuclear weapons policy, including On Limited Nuclear War in the 21st Century (with Jeffrey Larsen, 2014). He is the co-editor of two previous books on strategic culture, Strategic Culture and Weapons of Mass Destruction: Culturally Based Insights into Comparative National Security Policymaking (with Jeannie Johnson and Jeffrey Larsen, 2009), and Crossing Nuclear Thresholds: Leveraging Sociocultural Insights into Nuclear Decision-making (with Jeannie Johnson and Marilyn J. Maines, 2018). His MA and PhD in international relations are from the University of Southern California, and his BA in international relations is from Brigham Young University.

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