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Dr. Jeremy Lin has over twenty years of experience in electric power industry and power markets in the U.S., including twelve years at PJM which is the largest electricity market operator in the U.S. He has extensive experience in the design, planning, and operation of wholesale electricity markets as well as power system operation, planning, and reliability. Recently, he published a book on ‘Electricity Markets: Theories and Applications” (by Wiley Press, 2017). He also contributed a number of chapters to other books as well.

At PJM, he has extensive experience in system planning, market operation, market simulations, and market monitoring while being well familiar with systems such as SCADA, EMS, MMS and others. He led both economic and reliability analysis projects of both PJM footprint and PJM with neighboring market systems such as Mid-Continent ISO, New York ISO and ISO-New England, for interregional planning and coordination. Occasionally, he gave market operation trainings to international system operators. Prior to PJM, he worked at General Electric energy consulting group where, among other projects, he led a high-profile consulting project on the cost-benefit analysis of establishing an RTO (regional transmission organization) in the southeastern region in the US using power market simulation.

Throughout his career, he led numerous technical and research projects, some of which are high-profile and have significant implications in the industry. He is a senior member of IEEE while being active in various activities including smart grid. He is an experienced consultant, giving advice to various domestic and international clients who have business in power markets, renewable energy development, and transmission developments.

Currently, he is a Director at Transmission Analytics Consulting company, which provides due diligence and technical advice to renewable energy developers. Dr. Lin received his MSEE in power and energy systems from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and PhD in electric power engineering from Drexel University.

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