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At Johns Hopkins, Frances Wu is the Program Director and a senior lecturer for the MS in Organizational Leadership program.

She has been serving in higher education teaching and administration since 2005. Her research agenda includes cross-cultural leadership for global challenges and community-engaged pedagogies for leadership education.

Wu has been awarded research grants on leadership for sustainability in business education in Singapore, higher education innovations in the U.S., and change processes for joint-venture universities between the U.S. and other countries. She has authored and co-authored publications on leadership for justice and reconciliation in South Africa, leadership for pedagogical innovations in science education, online learning and global learning engagement, internationalization of higher education, and employee engagement.

With the conviction that today’s organizational leaders need to live responsibly in their local communities while deeply understanding how their leadership decisions also impact the lives of those who live across the world, Wu champions for a transformative leadership education, one that is for the public good, where leaders are equipped with the knowledge and skills to see the world through the perspectives of others and lead accordingly.

Wu’s academic presentations and research projects have taken her to different parts of the world where she enjoys learning cultures and languages. She holds a PhD in Higher Education Policy and Organization with an interdisciplinary focus on Business from the University of Southern California.

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