3400 N Charles Street, Wyman Building, Baltimore, MD 21218

Dr. Elena Schwartz is an experienced medical researcher, health science administrator, and instructor. Her areas of expertise include diagnostic and therapeutic development in various cancers, epidemiology, genetic testing, and minority health. Throughout her career, she has served as Principal Investigator on multiple projects and has authored over 30 publications. Dr. Schwartz earned her M.D./Ph.D. in Oncology from Paris-Sud University School of Medicine; she also holds a Ph.D. in Molecular Biochemistry from the Institute of Biochemistry in Novosibirsk, Russia. She currently serves as a Health Science Administrator at the National Cancer Institute and has previously served as the Director of Research and Development at Ami-Go-Science in Rockville, Maryland.

Dr. Schwartz currently teaches Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, and Advanced Cell Biology I and II at the Advanced Academic Pprograms, and was the 2017 recipient of the Best Lecturer in Biotechnology Award.

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