Advanced Academic Programs, Washington, D.C.

At Johns Hopkins, Danielle Leek is a lecturer for the MA in Communication program.

Leek is also an independent consultant who works with businesses, nonprofits, colleges, and universities to develop creative approaches to messaging campaigns. Most recently, she was the vice president of academic affairs and information technology at the Urban College of Boston and dean of online learning at Reynolds Community College. In her work, Leek has been responsible for leading research on engaged teaching and scholarship, overseeing campus Centers for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, and marketing innovative online programs around the world.

Leek launched the award-winning Academic Innovation & Distance Education Lab at Bunker Hill Community College, a micro-credentialing program for the National Organization – Campus Compact, and she was also Associate Professor of Communications at Grand Valley State University, where she served as the Executive Director of the award-winning campus Communication Center.

Leek earned a Bachelor of Science in speech communication from Eastern Michigan University, a Master of Business Administration from Grand Valley State University, a Master of Arts in communication from the University of Iowa, and a PhD in Communication from the University of Iowa. Her research focuses on civic agency, civic education, and political communication.

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