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Bharat Khurana is an Adjunct Professor at Johns Hopkins University. He is a Global Regulatory Lead in the Vaccine Business Unit of Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge, MA. He is, however, based in Maryland. Prior to joining Takeda in March 2022, he worked in the Office of Vaccines Review and Research at CBER/FDA for more than 10 years. He joined the FDA in 2009 as a Commissioner’s Fellow. Prior to joining FDA Commissioner’s Fellowship, he had worked as a Regulatory Specialist at a Regulatory Compliance Center for Division of AIDS, NIAID, NIH. He has a broad clinical, preclinical and CMC experience in managing and providing regulatory support for global clinical trials and review of dossiers for Investigational New Drug applications and Marketing Applications to global Health Agencies.

Prior to moving into the Regulatory field, he was a bench-scientist. As a scientist, he has an extensive scientific research background in virology, molecular and cellular biology and conducted postdoctoral research at NIAID/NIH and Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences. He was trained as a Veterinarian in India and went to a graduate school in Germany, where he completed his PhD in cell and molecular biology in 2001.  He loves education which in his opinion is a lifelong learning process. His desire to learn more about Regulatory Affairs and Biopharmaceutical Business brought him back to school in 2006 and he joined the unique MS-MBA dual degree program at the School of Arts and Sciences at JHU. He completed the MS-MBA program in 2009 and was later offered an Adjunct Faculty position in the same program.

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